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Whether you call it Spirit, God or The Universe- Divine Energy is in constant communication with you.

Can you understand what it is trying to tell you?

As a clairsentient and empath, I’m able now, after years of practice removing the blocks to my ability, to ‘feel’ the promptings of Divine guidance.
The Spirit whispers have always been there, but monkey mind and the internal and external noise and the harried way most of us live our lives can disrupt our ability to understand what Divine guidance is trying to tell us.
The Universe speaks to us in whatever language it will most readily reach us with. Every person is unique, and the communication is tailored to suit them.

Songs on the radio and coins on the ground are two of the most common ways Spirit uses to get our attention.
The words of the songs can hold messages, for me though it’s one of the ways my beloved dad, who has passed away, lets me know he’s around. He loved music, and his fave songs often pop up when he’s around me.
Coins on the ground are a symbol of good luck and wealth coming to you in some form. If you see one, pick it up, even if it’s just 5cents. It affirms your abundance and that the Universe is working with you to manifest success.
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Message from the Beach
As an avid reader, a lot of signs or assistance has come to me through books or articles that I happen to come across when I need help with an issue. I’ve had a book literally fall off the shelf to get my attention and inside was a solution to a stressful problem I had at the time.
Once I became familiar with Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers, I began seeing specific number sequences everywhere!
Relative to what was happening in my life, I would see the same numbers on license plates, advertising, phone numbers and on my phone clock.
 If you aren’t familiar with angel numbers, here’s a snippet:
111– Watch your thoughts and only think about what you want. A gateway is opening up to manifest what’s on your mind.
222– Don’t quit 5 minutes before the miracle.
333– The Ascended Masters are with you, call on them for help.
444– Don’t worry because the angels’ help is nearby.
555- Buckle your seatbelts a significant life change is on the way.
666– Your thoughts are out of balanced, and you are too focused on the material world.
777– The angels applaud you, congratulations, keep up the good work and know your wish is coming true.
888– Prepare, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
999– Completion, the end of a chapter of your life or lesson.
000– A situation has gone full circle.
There are combinations of numbers that have even more specific meanings.
For the complete definitions read Angel Numbers 101: The Meaning of 111, 123, 444, and Other Number Sequences ,Doreen’s book. I’ve had my copy of Doreen’s book for over 10 years.


Both of my parents have, sadly, passed away. One of the ways my beautiful mum lets me know she’s with me is by nudging me to look at a clock when it’s 11.27.
Her birthday was on the 27th of November.
White feathers and dragonflies are also signs that our loved ones, who are on the other side, are around us.
Have you ever had one of those super vivid dreams that take you a minute to remember where, or even who,  you are after you wake up?
Bypassing our busy, waking brain, Spirit puts messages in our dreams. If you dismiss them as meaningless, because they can be weird and don’t always make sense, you might miss what they are trying to tell you.
I believe dream meanings to be specific to the dreamer, so I don’t own dream dictionary books. A dream of a horse may have a completely different meaning to you if you grew up around them than to someone who didn’t.
Sometimes writing your dreams down for a month can show you a pattern but the vivid dreams are the ones that have the critical messages. If you have one, spend a minute on waking trying to understand what it’s trying to tell you.
Don’t take the dreams too literally though, think symbolically because that’s how the universe communicates. e.g., if you dream your teeth are falling out, it’s less likely that you need to make a dentist appointment than to look at ways you are communicating.
Just before my mum’s bowel cancer diagnosis, I had a vivid dream that she was missing from our home. We didn’t know where she was! My sister, dad and I were so distressed in the dream.
 The next day mum collapsed and was rushed to the hospital where they found the cancerous growth. She would go on to beat that cancer and live for another 25 years so don’t be unnecessarily frightened by your warning dreams. Try and understand them, be grateful and congratulate yourself on opening to the precognitive gifts and guidance we all can access.



We all have them right?
Gut feelings? Moments where we slap ourselves on the forehead and think ‘I knew I should’ve done that?!’ but didn’t.
For me, this is the big one. As a clairsentient empath, information comes to me through my feelings. So if I get the feeling, I need to turn right, even if it’s not the quickest way to where I’m going, I turn right. End of story.
It took me years of following the inner nudges only some of the time to realize that, every time I did, I either saved myself from a hassle or an opportunity came up that wouldn’t have if I’d ignored the prompt.
Practice this. If you don’t get feelings about things but get flashes of pictures or hear advice in your mind instead, either way, follow them, every time. They could save your life, as they have for me before, as I wrote in my previous blog PSYCHIC ATTACK! It’s Not What You Think It Is!
There will be times that you don’t know what the message is until all the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place and remember it’s the most challenging experiences that often have the most to give you regarding growth.
Trust that you are supported even when it doesn’t feel like you are. Listen for the clues, be open to God, the angels or the Universes’ help. Ask for the answer. I’ve often consulted Angel Cards or the Tarot and they are freakishly accurate.
I prefer Doreen Virtue’s Angel Cards; she has Goddess, Fairy, Unicorn, Archangel cards and more, because the message is purely positive. Tarot can be a little scary when you are first starting to do your own readings, but her Angel cards are gentle and inspiring. They provide a message meant to uplift. There are so many beautiful ones to choose from too.
It’s important to really tune into your intuition when choosing a deck. While Doreen’s are my favourite, I’ve also used Animal Oracle cards and many of my favourite spiritual authors have their own inspiring decks.

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There have been a few times when at a complete loss as to how to move through a stressful problem, I’ve pleaded silently, “Help me God, help me Spirit, help me Mum, Dad, angels, help me please.” Over and over, in quiet desperation.
Miracles occurred after that! They can happen! Even if it’s a seemingly small one, like getting a phone call that you’re not needed at work just after your babysitter fell through, as happened to me.
You don’t need to carry everything on your shoulders alone. Help is there for you. Be open to receiving it.


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