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Do you set New Year’s resolutions?

I don’t.

My power intentions are already set, for what I want to manifest in the coming days, weeks and years.

Resolutions are the first rung on the manifestation ladder, and as we all know, they are hit and miss!

I want you to be further up where things happen and a lot quicker!

So we are setting our Power Intentions for 2019!!

How Power Intentions Work!

To understand Power Intentions you have to be familiar with how the Law of Attraction functions. The LOA states that like attracts like. Emotional energy and thoughts that you hold right now determine the experiences you draw to you in the future.
Thinking negatively brings difficulties, positivity creates abundance in all areas of life. What sabotages most people is underlying limiting beliefs that are almost unconscious. This post is not about that, but if you want to make sure no subconscious blocks are getting in your way, read my post 5 Ways You Can Raise Your Vibration And Manifest Success Right Now!
The secret to manifesting is holding powerfully, clear intentions for the future while being utterly content in the now. If that sounds tricky, it is, but it is possible!

How do we do it?!

Depending on how happy you are right now will determine how we move forward from here.
If you are already happy but have goals to grow and increase your happiness, yay, you can skip to the section about setting your Power Intentions, below.
For those of you that are stressed, overwhelmed or just a bit meh, hang in there. I was in the same place a few years ago! I turned it around with these practices and so can you!!
For more on how I went from being a lovelorn, broke, single-mother, waitressing three nights a week to being a happily engaged, published author with 100k in the bank within two years read How I Manifested My Dream Life With The Law Of Attraction!
The Power Practices within those two posts and these, Unblock Your Ability To Receive! And Stop your Bad Habits And Speed Up Your Manifestation With daily Affirmation Alerts! will help raise your vibration, clear your negative thinking and remove your limiting beliefs.

If you are new to manifesting and energy vibrations,  the simplest way to get started shifting your energy is to write a gratitude list.
If you write down twenty things that you have to be grateful for every day you absolutely will see a change in your life!

Be grateful for the ocean’s beauty, the sun’s warmth, the taste of doughnuts, if you are struggling to feel gratitude for your daily life. Please try this if you are feeling lost, it will make you feel so much better and from there inspiration can come.

Power Intentions

What do you dream of happening for yourself and your loved ones in 2019?
As an introduction to manifesting, I play a game with my 8-year-old son every couple of nights before his bedtime.
It’s called the Genie Game.
If a genie appeared and gave you three wishes, what would they be?
When we set goals for ourself we try and make them achievable, with the Genie, we can let our imaginations run wild!!
Our Power Intentions for 2019 will include both.

Hamilton Island Spirutla Home High Vibration

Beautiful Hamilton Island! The mountain in the background has a very special energy!

I have a Power Intention of living and writing on my spiritual home of Hamilton Island. Being with my family, in my favorite place in the world, doing what I love,  meeting new people and having beautiful, spiritual connections and experiences and supporting my family with it! 100% my idea of success! BUT I’m not in a hurry. My children are young and I’m enjoying blogging while being home with my daughter, here on the Gold Coast, so I’m happy for the process to unfold in the ripeness of time.
Hamilton Island, pool,
My son in the main pool at Hamilton Island on our most recent visit.
That’s how I know without a shadow of a doubt, I will manifest living on the island. There’s no tension on the intention
So if you want that million dollar ranch or NY Times Bestseller List accolade, allow it of yourself!! Don’t be afraid of the grandness of your dreams! Just don’t put a time limit on or doubt yours, and the Universes, ability to make it happen!
The path may be winding, you may have to follow the prompting to upskill or move or get rid of the negative Nancy’s in your life. The moment you dream it, it becomes an energetic reality sitting there in a parallel vibration. Whether or not your wish makes it to you depends entirely on you.

For your big goals and smaller ones the first thing you do is visualize and write them down!
The best way is to make yourself a Digital Vision Board while you are at it! That way the goals and dreams you have for 2019, will be magnetized hundreds of times a day!  My post How To Create A Powerful Digital Vision Board! will walk you through the steps if you’ve not made one before.
Remember to be specific and impossible to misinterpret when writing your Power Intention! I  like to use the example “I make millions of dollars” could see you working for Parker Brothers making Monopoly games. Unless that is your life’s calling it would be more effective to write “My career affords me complete job satisfaction and financial freedom.” or “I am overjoyed to be highly compensated for doing what I love.”
Sometimes there are significant reasons that you don’t get the thing you want.
Looking back, I thank God/Spirit/the angels that I got dumped by that guy and rejected by a prospective employer.
I learned to love myself, by myself, thanks to the former: something that is priceless and the cornerstone of everything I’ve since manifested. The latter meant I got a better job.
Therefore the final ingredient of the Power Intention is trust.
The Universe knows best.
So when you have that goal clarified, magnetized and digitized, imagine placing in a giant hand or blowing it away like a Santas Helper. It will materialize. If and when it’s in the best interest of you and everyone involved.

I wish you a joyous, fulfilling, prosperous and peaceful 2019 and that, my friends, is my Power Intention, for all of us.

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